Fit Guide

A bikini is just 2 triangles attached to a string, right? Many brands think so. But not Surfswell. And not if you want your bikini to do more than partially cover your personal areas and make you feel self conscious that it will pull, slip, or expose what you don’t want the world to see.


At Surfswell we know that a little fabric, when it’s the right fabric, can go a long way. And when you combine the right fabric with the right cut and features, your body will look as good as possible. Our unique lay flat design hugs your body like a second skin, so it doesn’t dig in at your hips, on your rear, or on your chest. We design our apparel to compliment your body. Check out What Makes Surfswell Different to learn more.


Surfswell Signature Cuts
Surfswell bikini bottoms are designed in different cuts so that you can choose the amount of rear coverage you want.

canadian cut
Canadian Cut

The most versatile and flatters every body type, this style is always classically sexy with shaping in all the right places and the perfect amount of coverage for the “all-Canadian girl”. Our Canadian Cut proves that you can be classy and cool, yet still have irresistible sex appeal.




Brazilian CutBrazilian Cut

Don’t knock it before you try it! Once you’ve worn this sexy style you will quickly learn that our Brazilian bottoms are perfect for showing off what you’ve got – without bearing it all. Our Brazilian Cut provides less rear coverage than our Canadian Cut but more rear coverage than traditional thong styles.



Size Guide
Purchase your Surfswell bikini in our Online Shop according to how your measurements are represented on our Size Guides. Each of our styles will fit slightly differently from one another and consequently each style will have its own Size Guide.


How to Measure: to make sure and get the ultimate fit, take your measurements and compare them to the Size Guide. To get the most accurate measurements it might be best to have someone else take them for you. Be sure to hold the measuring tape against your body and not over clothing.

Hips: measure around your hips, at your hip bones, with the measuring tape parallel to the floor.


Bust: measure over the fullest part of your bust, with the measuring tape parallel to the floor.


Under Bust: measure around your ribcage, directly under your bust, with the measuring tape parallel to the floor.


Cup Size: take your bust measurement and under bust measurement. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number and the number of inches difference between the 2 measurements equals your cup size.


Difference in Inches
Between Bust and Under Bust Measurements

Cup Size

1 Inch


2 Inches


3 Inches


4 Inches


5 Inches