Eco Initiatives

Surfswell is committed to protecting the natural environment and working towards a more sustainable future. Our overall plan for eco-efficiency involves designing, manufacturing, and delivering products using fewer resources and creating less waste and pollution. We employ contractors from right here in Vancouver, BC Canada. Our design team, product testers, fabric suppliers, screen printers, sewers, production facilities, graphic designers and web designers are all local.


Does it cost more to do the right thing? Yes…. but we think the benefits are worth it. Employing locally helps give our friends and neighbours jobs. It empowers people and strengthens our community. Producing locally also means shorter shipping distances for our fabric to the factory and from the factory to our warehouse and stores, thus reducing our carbon footprint.


At Surfswell our eco-initiatives are always evolving. If you have questions about our policies, or if you have suggestions about how to incorporate more eco-friendly practises into our operations then please contact us.