About Surfswell

A Note from the Designer:


Surfswell was born on the beaches of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. It was 2007 and I was on my first surf trip. We woke up at sunrise for our first surf session. My heart was racing from excitement, and if I’m being honest probably mostly nerves. I paddled out, did my first attempt at a duck-dive, and felt my bikini bottom slide off as I popped up. I was horrified. Should I let go of my board and try to yank up my bottoms? Or should I forget that my cheeks are exposed and climb on my board anyway to try and avoid the next wave that is headed towards me? Neither answer was ideal. So there in the waves the idea for Surfswell was born: a bikini that actually stays on in the water. Years of experimenting later this turned into the Surfswell Signature bikini bottom. My highest priority is always to make durable, high quality products that function well in the water, because what good is a bikini that only looks good on the beach? At Surfswell everything is designed to be the best of its kind, so you can focus on having fun and catching waves. Surfs up!